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Campbell Consulting clients value the knowledge transfer they receive, that’s why they continue to use our service and recommend us onwards. Our strong team of specialists actively ensure each and every one of our clients receives extensive expert guidance, perspectives and advance industry insights.

What we do…

Low Cost Housing

Campbell Consulting believes home is where the heart is; that’s why we love to help and guide our clients with low cost accommodation that suits their needs and lifestyle.


We help implement technical structures that support a wide range of societies from: Airports, schools, hospitals, hotels and offices. Our unique strategies have resulted in performance improvement across the board.


We are focused on working closely with our growing network of investors and connecting them to the next big emerging organisations. We also help budding entrepreneurs secure there much needed business investments.

Gateway Opportunities

We have extensive experience in helping set up gateway opportunities for businesses. Our one-to-one support will guide your company with methodologies, finance, legal, etc ensuring your venture takes the best first step.

New Company Set Up and Advice

Setting up your own company or becoming self employed is a route that is paying off for millions worldwide. However, setting up can be difficult and costly if not done properly. Our ethos is business with integrity; we’ll help you do the right thing at the right and crucial time from the beginning.

New Technology

Running new technology and implementing these functions into your company can face challenges for your business, staff and customers. We work directly with management to bring understanding and minimize these challenges across the board.

Sustainability Projects

Building a greener environment with our clients is high on our mission and consultancy priorities. We address the wider issues from waste, water, transport energy supply and their interface with buildings. Our approach is proven to reduce impact on the environment.

Oil and Gas

Few industries are as demanding as oil and gas. We support global missions together with oil and gas companies’ making sure essential decisions across a series of strategic and operational functions are applied quickly and effectively.


We help with the process of securing energy and fuel supply at a reasonable cost, improving customer service and operation efficiency. Together we develop utilities and guide our clients to a honest path to success ready for wiser investments to become more profitable.

Land Opportunities and Investment

Campbell Consulting pin points emerging market opportunities in Land investment and global land deals. We understand changing consumer trends globally and transfer information daily to our clients ensuring investors stay knowledgeable across the entire investment land succession.

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